• Yukon Compact Headset for NVMT 1 & 4

Yukon Compact Headset for NVMT 1 & 4

Wear the Yukon NVMT 1 & 4 on the head! Description

Yukon Compact Headset for NVMT 1&4
The NVMT Compact headset for MVMT 1&4 guarantees a perfect positioning of the night viewer on your head. This means that you have your hands completely free. The headset is simple and easy to use; with the 90˚ flip-lock you can easily shove the night vision in front of your eyes and move it back again. The headset weighs a mere 200 grams and can quickly and easily be stored. The headset is suitable for:

  • Yukon NVMT 1
  • Yukon NVMT 4

You can use the headset for:

  • High-tech Ranger games
  • Night-hiking
  • All activities which require movement


  • Stable positioning of the night vision on the head
  • Night vision is positioned exactly in front of the eye
  • Suitable for running
  • Can be operated with one hand


  • headset
  • Yukon
  • 1 year
  • 200 gram


  • Free and fast delivery
  • Free returns within 40 days
  • Wide range
  • Certified webshop
  • Safe shopping
  • Personal and reliable


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Frequently asked questions

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Yukon Compact Headset for NVMT 1 & 4

Question: hello can i mount my stealth view (bushnell) on it ? Alain from Réunion Island

Answer from our expert: No unfortunately it does not work.

  • Yukon Compact Headset for NVMT 1 & 4
    Yukon Compact Headset for NVMT 1 & 4