Spotting scopes

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes are considered a cross between binoculars and telescopes. It is safe to say that spotting scopes offer the best of both worlds. Typical features of spotting scopes are their relatively large objective diameter (50mm and higher) and high-quality optics. Many models of spotting scopes are standard supplied with a zoom eyepiece featuring a broad range of magnifications.

Spotting scopes
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Diverse and easy to adapt

Most spotting scope eyepieces can be disconnected enabling you to equip the spotting scope with a different type of eyepiece or other accessories such as photo adapters. A spotting scope is usually mounted on a tripod enabling you to comfortably observe for an extended period of time. Are you a keen hunter, bird spotter or are you looking for a spotting scope for astronomy? Then your best bet is to purchase one at our website.

Spotting Scopes for Sale

Spotting scopes are for sale at, our safe and secure website. Whether you are looking for a compact, medium-sized or large spotting scope, at our website we offer an impressive range and you will certainly find what you are looking for! Top brands such as Bresser, Kowa, Zeiss and Leica are well-represented, and, in addition, plenty of spotting scope accessories are available. With these accessories, you will enjoy using your spotting scope even more.

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Frequently asked questions

Celestron Travel Scope 70

Question: Are there zoom lenses for this telescope and if so what size of diameter would suit .? Thanks

Answer from our expert: Yes there are zoom lenses, but you don't want to use them. You won't collect enough light to get a clear image.

Bresser Dachstein ED-APO 16-50x66 spotting scope

Question: Does this scope come with lens covers? Also can you supply a compatible tripod other than the TRM44 which looks a bit pricey?

Answer from our expert: Yes, the scope will be delivered with lens covers. If you want a compatible tripod tripod, you can find them at the following link:

Helios Spotting Scope Fieldmaster A-90 30-90x90 Waterproof

Question: Can it be used for airliner spotting when landing?

Answer from our expert: Yes, thanx to the zoom option, it is very suitable for this purpose.

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