• Helios Spotting Scope Fieldmaster A-90 30-90x90 Waterproof

Helios Spotting Scope Fieldmaster A-90 30-90x90 Waterproof

Spotting scope, ideal for beginners Description

A spotting scope for novice nature lovers
This simple spotting scope made by Helios is a common model that is perfectly suitable for beginners. It is often used by novice birdwatchers, hunters, nature lovers and bird watchers who demand a high magnification and a large aperture. It is easy to use but it has a lot of nice features as well. Its body is waterproof and filled with gas so internal and external condensation will not accumulate on the lens, even in foggy conditions and during temperature differences. Because of these properties the Helios Fieldmaster Spotting Scope can be used in the field.

Resolution and Range
This Helios spotting scope has a wide range of magnification, ranging from 30 to over 90 times the original size and thus gives you a very close look on objects. The zoom eyepiece that is included has a pleasant distanceof 18 millimeters to its eye relief, so it is easy to use in a comfortable manner. This eyepiece is made of rubber and can be folded down, which makes it suitable for people wearing glasses.

This A-90 30-90x90 Fieldmaster Scope has BK-7 optics, which are the second highest quality glasses that are used in these binoculars. The other high quality lens elements are fully multi-coated, which ensures a large amount of light being transported through the tubes. As a result, the image that is presented to the eyes has a vivid contrast and additional brightness.

The eyepiece has a gradual adjustability, meaning that the required magnification can always be adjusted set between 30× to 90×. This implies that a 60× magnification of a subject that is positioned 300 meters away, can be viewed with the naked eye as if it were just 5 meters away.

The Fieldmaster spotting scope is also suitable for digiscoping. Using the universal digital camera adapter a digital compact camera can be placed behind the body and in front of the eyepiece. Nearly every digital camera and compact camcorder can be used in this fashion, so photographs can be taken through the eyepiece. These binoculars can easily be screwed on top of a tripod for easier and more comfortable use.

Optional accessories:

  • Universal digital scope adapter
  • Universal digital camera adapter
  • Bresser tripod


  • Helios 30-90x90 Spotting Scope
  • Zoom eyepiece 30-90x
  • Carrying bag
  • Tripod socket
  • Straps
  • Protective caps for the lens
  • Manual


  • High magnification and large aperture
  • Including carrying bag, protection cap and manual
  • Suitable for people with glasses
  • Waterproof and fog-proof


  • spotting scope
  • Helios
  • 2 years
  • 18,5 ″
  • black
Tripod connection
Suitable for eyeglass wearers
  • 1200 gram
Lens diameter
  • 90 mm
  • 30 – 90×
Eye relief
  • 18 mm
Exit pupil
  • 3 – 1 mm
Minimum focus distance
  • 10 m
Twilight factor
  • 52 – 90
Light intensity
  • 9 – 1
Field of view at 1000 metres
  • 15 – 26 m
Lens coating
  • Fully Multi Coated (FMC)
Glass material
  • BK-7


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Helios Spotting Scope Fieldmaster A-90 30-90x90 Waterproof

Question: Can it be used for airliner spotting when landing?

Answer from our expert: Yes, thanx to the zoom option, it is very suitable for this purpose.

  • Helios Spotting Scope Fieldmaster A-90 30-90x90 Waterproof
    Helios Spotting Scope Fieldmaster A-90 30-90x90 Waterproof