Yukon Night Vision

Yukon Night Vision

Yukon Night Vision equipment is without a shred of a doubt of simply outstanding quality. Obviously the Yukon brand often preferred by the military, hunters, sportsmen and security companies.

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About Yukon Night Vision

Established in 1994 and based in Lithania, 'Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide' manufacture night vision goggles, binoculars, spotting scopes, rangefinders and rifle scopes. Equipped with the revolutionary generation 2 and 3 systems, Yukon night vision devices feature outstanding resolution and magnification and are simply superb.

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Yukon NVMT2 3X42

Question: Are rechargeable batteries compatible with this unit? the nearest I can find are 16340 which are listed as compatible with CR123A batteries? Thanks Simon

Answer from our expert: They are compatible but will sometimes deliver too low amperage.-

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